summer fragrances

beach bum – amber, orange peel, palm, & sea salt

blonde woods – amber, grapefruit, lavender, & sage

capri blue – cedar, jasmine, sea salt, & violet

clementine agave – agave, basil, citrus, chamomile, & mint

coconut milk & honey – coconut, honey, sandalwood, & tonka bean

egyptian amber – balsam, oud, tonka bean, & rum

grapefruit & mango – grapefruit, mango, peach, & white currant

honeydew melon – honeydew melon, strawberry, & vanilla

indigo river – amber, cardamom, plum, & sandalwood

mahogany woods – amber, citrus, sandalwood, & saffron

mango & coconut milk – coconut, orange peel, & mango

rose jam – jasmine, lily, & tonka bean

9 oz. jars

Dwight Candle Co.

Dwight Candle Co. uses all-natural soy wax creating a stronger scent than candles made with beeswax, coconut wax blends, or paraffin. 

Dwight candles are created with one-of-a-kind phthalate-free fragrances infused with essential oils, ensuring a cleaner burn than traditional candles.

Each candle is made with hemp-wick coated in beeswax, creating a longer burn time than candles made with cotton wicks.

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Meet the Maker

Client Reviews

These candles are the perfect gift & they look beautiful in my home! My personal favorite is banana nut bread & pumpkin dulce!

Sarah A.

Client Reviews

Dwight candles are the best! Danielle has such wide variety of scents! They look so simple and beautiful in my home & I feel like they last forever!

Mariah K.

Client Reviews

I light one on my vanity almost everyday when I'm getting ready. I struggle with allergies and these are the only candles that I can burn without irritating them.

Valorie G.

Client Reviews

I'm obsessed with Dwight candles!!! I will never buy from another candle company again. My candles last way longer than any other store bought candle.

Ali D.